Hack Your Habits: Focus On What I Do First

January 6, 2019

Do you want to make change stick? In this message learn a principle from God's Word that will help you. It is all about focusing on what you do first. 

So God Came To Us - Room For God

December 17, 2018

The season of Christmas changes our lives. From our time to our relationships we have to make room for God in our lives. In this message learn what it means to live we purpose because you have made room for God in your life. 

So God Came To Us - God With Us

December 10, 2018

Listen in to the kick-off of our Christmas Series entitled: SO GOD CAME TO US. In this message learn why Jesus came born of a woman and born under the law. 

Welcome Home: In This House We…

December 4, 2018

Jesus was full of grace and truth. In order to embrace Jesus we must embrace grace and truth. In this message learn what that means.

Welcome Home: How to deal with difficult people

November 25, 2018

Have you ever had someone that was hard to deal with? If so, this message is for you. Learn how to love like Jesus. 

Welcome Home: Home Is Where The Father Is

November 23, 2018

Everyone is trying to make their way back home. In this message learn two different pathways people use and how neither lead us home. Jesus is our pathway back to HOME. 

Not Today Devil: I Can’t Lay Back Down

November 12, 2018

Have you ever been through a difficult season in life? We all have! In this message learn how to stay the course and continue to follow in Jesus' footsteps in difficult times. 

Not Today Devil: Fit For The Fight

November 9, 2018

God wants you to be be victorious in your life. In this message learn what it means to get dressed for battle in the full armor of God.

Not Today Devil: It is Written

October 24, 2018

How do we overcome the Devil in our lives. In this message learn how Jesus overcame the temptations of the enemy. 

Jesus Over Everything: Jesus Over The Night

October 16, 2018

How do we find joy in ever season. In this message learn what it means to put Jesus over the night in your life.